7 Trends to Adapt for Website Development from 2017 to 2019

“We are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brains – Stephen Hawkins”…

Internet officially is known as ‘World Wide Web’ and web is so powerful and so big that for some people it’s completely a substitute for their life. So, companies are trying to acquire the huge market to beat their business rivals. For, that they need amazing web presence, user experience and user interface. So, they hire a best website design company in their locality.

Therefore, the website design company in Gurgaon is in great demand. Thus, to contrary the designers and developers need to update themselves with the trends. Else, they will be replaced by the set of professionals who are more adapted to changing trends of web and web development.

Highlights of the Edition:

  • Sharp Take on Web Design & Development Trends  
  • Thoughts on Reshaping Tech Landscape  
  • 7 Trends to Adapt for Web Development & Design

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Sharp Take on Web Design & Development Trends:
Web in internet terms is defined as – “Computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics as well as sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol”.

World Wide Web also known as ‘www’ is the beginning of the world of internet. Internet has evolved in 3 decades, and has the pace of technological development for online access seems to never ending.

As we have entered 2018, we have come across the trends of website design and development to follow from here on. But, one of the best website design company in Gurgaon thinks the year 2017 has been phenomenal from web development advancement.

So, people who have missed out on 2017 trends, for website design and web development trends can look back to improve oneself more.

Thoughts on Reshaping Tech Landscape:

Our life is impossible without web, internet and online browsing. Today with the introduction of smartphones accessing internet has become easier. It can be done from anywhere, anytime, and even at go.

Thus, the message is clear that tech landscape is reshaping itself, and we are becoming accustomed to it with every passing day. Today, internet is used for literary everything right from shopping, banking, paying utility bills, booking services, entertainment, news, socializing, and branding.

So, today we can’t imagine life without internet. Thus, every business wants to tap the huge market that is waiting online for best services. Therefore, every business and brands are spending in web marketing, which starts from getting the right website portal with amazing features.

The demand for web development talent by top website Development Company in Gurgaon is ever high, but the developers who can create magic with the websites are preferred. So, with huge scope comes huge responsibility of simplifying web with appeal.

This is possible if the developers take a serious look into trends of web design and development. Their ability to adapt to these changing and updated trends will make the web better as well as give them wider scope as professionals.

7 Trends to Adapt for Web Design and Development:

Here is the list of trends, which will change the future of the web in coming years.

  1. Adapting to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is the latest development to look for. It can be easily done with the online tools available for developing ‘AI’.  
  2. Virtual Reality is another mindboggling trend that you can’t refuse. It has already gripped the gaming industry.  
  3. Internet of Things is one of the hottest trends to look as we approach the next decade. It is not directly connected to web development right now, but with time it will involve even developers.  
  4. Web developers should get excited about ‘Rails 5’. An amazing website creator.  
  5. Angular 2 and Beyond is another trend that has started with changing the ‘Google’s frontend’.  
  6. Yarn Package Manager is all for the JavaScript communities. Thus, it becomes easy to install, update, upgrade, configure, and uninstall.   
  7. Static Website Generators are for small websites stored in files. However, they guarantee increased speed, security, ease of deployment and effective management of traffic.

Take the lessons from 2017 and learn it in 2018, so that you can apply it in 2019 for great web experience.


Top Website Development Trends for 2018 – Part 2

Website design is differentiated from art by website development;

As web development makes design functional…!

Web design and development are getting more technologically superior with an introduction of new techniques, the latest innovations, and application-based concepts. The year 2017 has seen strong competition for online dominance by competitors in almost every trending keyword or searched topic.

The websites with advanced web design and development features have made it to the top ranking in SERP. In our last edition of ‘Top Website Development Trends for 2018’ we have discussed 3 amazing techniques to rule the web.

The trends discussed in the last edition of our blog were ‘AMP, PAW, and SAP’. These three are the top trends in website development for 2018 and ensures better website user experience. The trends discussed in our last edition were focused on giving you insights into ‘site speed, instant loading, functionality, best of web and native apps, and secured connections’.

Web Design Company in Gurgaon

Today, we will be discussing the part 2 of our edition ‘Top Website Development Trends for 2018’ by SBeta Technology regarded as one of the best website design company in Gurgaon. It will discuss more cool techniques for high conversion rates, user engagement, and real-time support.

2018 Web Development Trends – Part 2; Continuation after Single Page Applications:  

  1. Chatbots and Online Support: It is already in use and is a strong support system for customer assistance. In 2018 customer assistance will make Chatbots and online support more popular.

    The stats from 2018 January say every year industries lose around US$ 62 Million due to poor customer service. Therefore, every organization must focus on customer assistance for not losing a big chunk of revenue to such a simple issue.  

    Every web development should incorporate features in websites like ‘support agents, customer service, online support system or Chatbots’. It should be added to the right-hand corner at the bottom of the website.

  2. Push Notifications:  This trend is a key factor in deciding more traffic or conversions versus failure of your online marketing. If you don’t use this feature then you will have less engagement.

    On the other hand, if you use it irrationally, or misuse it then your users will get irritated or completely un-follow you. However, for mobile applications, engaging users in real time is possible through push notifications. Always ensure benefits to be introduced for your users with every push notifications. Else it can be disturbing and overuse is a strictly no.

    It’s the best way to update your readers or users about a new post, blog or product or service or policy change.

  3. Static Websites: This website development trend is quite unique as it brings all positive into one package. It’s a basic site, aesthetic, and functional. Its backgrounds are often parallax and give stylish user experience.

    The main benefits are it’s simple to browse, easy navigation, no confusion, secured, load instantly, and development cost is cheap. Therefore, it’s the less expensive solution for a great online presence and you must hire the best website development services in Delhi.

    It doesn’t mean your website will be less functional or less informative. You can always invest more time in content marketing by making yourself a brand that works more than it speaks.  

In our next edition of the blog, we will bring more trends for website development 2018.